At Brook Street we are dedicated to improving our website accessibility and are constantly working on further improvements our user’s experience. We have built the site in compliance with the W3C guidelines and continue to make changes to improve the accessibility on each update for our website. If there are areas on the site that you think we can improve on then please let us know through our contact us page.


  1. All text size can be changed to your preferred size in your browser, below are some examples
  2. Mozilla Firefox: select 'View', then 'Text Size' and resize the text appropriately
  3. Internet Explorer: select 'View', then 'Text Size' and select your preferred size
  4. Google Chrome: select the 3 horizontal bars in the top right hand side. Click on the Zoom “-” or “+” to you required size
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  6. This site has been tested on multiple devices and browsers to improve the users experience and accessibility
  7. Header tags have been added to each page slow clear page structure and design and is consistent throughout the site
  8. All our pages are SEO friendly and have been optimised so title and page attributes are easy to locate with the appropriate details/descriptions

Keyboard access:

  1. We have developed a number of access keys to assist users with compatible browsers to navigate the site using the keyboard instead of the mouse.
Access Key
Browser usage
1 - Home
IE - Alt + Access Key, Enter
2 - Job Seekers
Firefox - Alt + Shift + Access Key
3 - Employers
Opera - Shift + Esc Select access key from menu
4 - About Us
Google Chrome - Alt + Access Key
5 - Contact Us
Safari - CTRL + Access Key
6 - Login
7 - Create Account


Using our Branches

The majority of our branches are based in convenient locations. Where you require special arrangements to be made for your visit, please contact your local Brook Street branch 24 hours prior to your visit. If access to the building is not possible, we will visit you at a location of your choice to complete the meeting/registration. Click here to find your local branch.


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  2. All CSS has been validate with the W3C CSS3 and is completely backwards-compatible with earlier version of CSS