Are you hot in 2017?

Are you hot in 2017?

We might be in the depths of a typical British winter, but this January you and your skills are a hot topic for businesses across the UK.

The UK has been experiencing a skills shortage, with a sharp increase in demand for staff at 60.6% (the highest for the year). Simply put your skills could be in demand, and there are people out there looking for candidates just like you.

What does this mean for you and your career? Well, knowing which skills are in demand can help you assess your career plan and work out whether you stand out as a top candidate. If employers think that Communication and IT are two skills they feel are missing in their organisations (and they do – we asked them!) then it would be a good idea to think about how you could start incorporating those into your portfolio of skills. If you’re ever offered training or development, or want to learn a new skill to turn your career up a notch (or two), it’s good to know what’s in demand and make yourself a hot employment prospect.

We’ve asked businesses which skills they feel are in short supply. Take a look below at the areas which could help jump start your career:

Hard skills:

  • IT skills
  • Data gathering/analysis skills
  • Computer programming skills

Soft skills:

  • Communication and listening skills
  • Problem solving skills
  • Teamwork skills

Hard skills are usually a job requirement, such as a set level of experience or qualification in a certain area. IT, being commonplace in any business, is one of the top skills in demand. This could be anything from being a whizz on Excel to knowing how to build leaflets and brochures using Adobe InDesign. Whether you’re a beginner or tech savvy, developing your IT skills is sure to set you apart from the competition as a candidate who stays on top of the latest IT trends.

Soft skills are just as important, and they’re becoming more and more part of the interviewing process. These personal attributes show how you can become a valuable member of the team through communicating effectively and working well with colleagues. Things like being able to successfully manage a project, share out responsibilities, being adaptable and flexible and having great communication skills are just as likely to land you your dream job as any hard skill. You can be taught hard skills but communication and social skills are a lot more intrinsic and instinctive.

How do you measure up in 2017? Will your skills put you in demand for some of the best jobs around? You’d be surprised at what organisations are looking for! To get an idea of the hottest skills and assets to have this year, just give our expert recruiters a call and see how they can help get you started on your way to success in 2017.