Attributes of an extraordinary Administrator

Attributes of an extraordinary Administrator

According to the ONS annual population survey, over 3 million people in the UK work in the administrative and secretarial sector (excluding self-employed) – that’s 10.7% of the entire working population.

So, if you’re hoping to secure a permanent opportunity from your current assignment, how do you make yourself stand out from the crowd and create an impression on your line manager? Here’s some tips from Brook Street:


Show that you are constantly thinking about how to succeed. Maintain focus on goals, create effective plans and use the right resource to get results.


Show initiative – portray the ability to prioritise and show good time management. Demonstrate that you don’t need direct supervision to achieve results and that you complete tasks on time and minimize distractions.


Make sure you establish relevant and realistic goals; create plans to get results, and stay on target with work where possible.

Personal Accountability

Show that you can accept responsibility for work and goals; don’t place blame on others and let your employer see that you apply lessons learnt when things go wrong.


Try to adapt effectively to changing plans and deadlines. Show that you can multi-task and that you’re comfortable with ambiguity.


Continue towards the goal in face of adversity and prove that you can handle criticism with objectivity. Recover quickly from setbacks and move past unforeseen obstacles in a calm, collective and organised manner.


Again, show that you know how to use your initiative – that you can independently work on and complete projects without having someone hold your hand. Wow them by identifying and pursuing business opportunities without being asked to.


Demonstrate your ability to be highly productive whilst still managing your time effectively. Being willing to work late occasionally is admirable, but needing to frequently in order to meet deadlines may question your efficiency.

As one of the chosen partners to central government and the UK public sector for admin and clerical support recruitment, Brook Street looks for candidates that want to stand out. Using many of the attributes above, a number of our temporary workers employed with these clients have been offered permanent work through temping with Brook Street.

If you’d like temporary admin/clerical work with government and the wider public sector, register online today.