Career development as an Administrator: Part 2 Joining a professional body

Career development as an Administrator: Part 2 Joining a professional body

Joining one of the professional bodies associated to your profession not only gives you access to useful resources, networking opportunities and advice, but also opens doors to valuable training options. Many feel that membership to a professional body gives recognition to the experience they have gained and – once you reach certain professional milestones - accreditations from an organisation can also help to differentiate you to prospective employers.

Some of the professional bodies in the administration sector:

There are many, many more – Google your niche for professional bodies e.g. PA’s, Data Management, Project Management etc.

Many workers with professional qualifications report that they feel their opinions and contribution in the workplace hold more weight with senior personnel once they obtain these accreditations and that they also feel more confident to hold work-related conversations with senior staff – and the benefits don’t stop there. In addition, you’ll have a ready-made network of professional peers to tap into who understand your professional jargon and who can help provide inspiration and ideas for you to add to your workplace.

Your professional membership peers will offer a vital new channel of encouragement and direction for your career path and may help shape your next steps.

Coming soon: Career development as an administrator: Part 3 Expanding your knowledge