Career development as an Administrator: Part 5 Leading without permission

Career development as an Administrator: Part 5 Leading without permission

In the social age, everyone is a leader.

A great way to stand out in your workplace is to lead without permission. This is for those that are willing to step up and lead when the situation demands it – regardless of your title or pay grade.

Employers are always looking for people with initiative, who aren’t afraid to stand up and take the lead without being asked to. Whether in a group project/campaign or in the absence of a senior team member, business leaders will be keeping an eye on the employees that show the potential to lead when a quick decision is needed or your team needs to exceed customer expectations.

Good leadership, however, isn’t just about taking it upon yourself to get a job done. You need to show skills such as:

  • Effective and fair delegation
  • Motivation
  • Empowerment of colleagues
  • Seeking success for the team – with your reward coming through the success of your team and not your own activity
  • Timely and confident decision-making
  • Time-management and effective multi-tasking
  • Open, transparent and frequent communications with your team and other stakeholders involved
  • Analytical and evaluation skills with the ability to self-critique and learn from mistakes

If you are the type of person that takes the lead in a group situation, this should come quite naturally to you, but remember, leaders aren’t always extroverted. Seek some self-development on management skills and you may be surprised at what attributes show themselves in your personality. You will, however, need the confidence to take some considered risks and not be afraid of making – and learning from – mistakes.

If management is where your ambition is heading, be aware of opportunities to take responsibility and ownership as well as to coach others through situations. When leading without permission, be wary to not be overpowering or controlling – employers won’t warm to aggressive or demanding leadership, but they will be impressed by the confidence to lead without permission.