Progress your career with a winning CV

Progress your career with a winning CV

As a temporary worker within central government or the wider public sector there are numerous opportunities for you to move into different departments and progress your career.

It is important that your CV is kept up to date with your most relevant work experience, but it’s just as important that the information that you include on your CV does the best job possible in selling you as an employee – after all it’s what introduces you to a manager before they decide to meet you.

So if you’re hoping to secure a permanent position from your current assignment or further your career within the public sector, what should you do to make your CV stand out? Sometimes it's the simple things that will have the most impact.

Here’s our guide to Do’s and Don’ts when developing your CV:

Do: Sell yourself. Don’t be afraid to blow your own trumpet, after all you only get one chance to make a first impression.

Do: Use a strong opening statement about your key skills and attributes.

Don’t: Waffle. Stick to the point, it will make your CV easier to read. Use bullet points to help format the information.

Do: Tailor your CV to the role you are applying for. Ensure that key skills and experience are clearly visible, including key words that are mentioned in the job description.

Don’t: Add personal information. It’s not necessary to include your age, marital status or even a photo. In fact CV’s that include this information are often discounted at the first stage of an application.

Do: Include your qualifications and any experience that’s relevant to the role. If you’re applying for an admin/clerical role and your previous roles have been in customer service or a non-office based position make sure your CV is up to date with enough work history to show your skills.

Don’t: Use your old quirky email address. It may have been funny at the time but ‘partygirl1989’ doesn’t look professional on a CV. Instead, set up a simple email address with your name, even if it’s just to deal with job applications.

Do: Make sure your CV is kept simple. Keep the formatting and fonts consistent throughout and don’t forget to check your spelling and grammar.

And finally, avoid basic mistakes. Ask someone else to proof read your CV with a fresh set of eyes. It’s the small things that people get wrong so check, check and check again!