Taking the next step in a Telesales career

Taking the next step in a Telesales career

So you’re already working in a Telesales or Telemarketing Advisor role – and you’re great at it. You meet your targets, you enjoy speaking to new people each day and you feel like you make a difference. Naturally, it’s time to think about your next challenge. The question is, just what options do you have when progressing your career in this field? Here are our suggestions for career progression opportunities that’ll give you a fresh, new – and most importantly, enjoyable challenge. You can also check out our latest Telesales jobs and our career advice to help you on your search.

Take a step up to a Team Leader role

If you enjoy working for your current employer and don’t want to leave, then why not look for an internal promotion? If a Team Leader or Supervisor role comes up, then the fact you know the business, products and/or services and are already an established member of the team will stand you in good stead over someone else who may also interview for the role.

Are you a whizz with technology?

An increasing number of employers are introducing web-chat functions to their service offering, enabling warm leads to ask questions on a product or service of interest without having to pick up the phone. If you’d like to broaden your skill sets and enjoy technology then this may be the move for you.

You’d like to build relationships with key clients

Account Management allows you to grow relationships with key customers, rather than randomly cold calling from delegated lists. This role generally involves a mix of outbound and inbound calls in order to maintain your relationships as well as take orders. If you’re good with numbers then account management is also a great career option as you’ll get involved with putting mark-ups on items and working out profit margins.

Fancy getting out of the office?

Do you feel like you’re limited in your sales activity when sitting at a desk? If so, why not try a field or face-to-face sales role. This will give you the freedom to further develop relationships with potential and existing clients as well as allowing you to visit new locations across your designated sales patch. Working in a face-to-face sales role could also give you the opportunity to wear a suit to work rather than the casual attire you’d usually be allowed to wear in a call centre role.

Tempted to try PR or Marketing?

Working in a Telesales or Telemarketing role is often a great introduction into a PR or Marketing role as you gain first hand experience of your target audience’s perceptions and opinions and the best tactics and sales pitches to use when enticing them into purchasing the product or service you are offering. Transitioning into a marketing or PR role then gives you great scope to be creative whilst still achieving great results for you and your employer.

Want to develop your skills

If you don’t feel the time is right to move in to a more senior position, why not develop your skills in a variety of different sales roles? For example, if you currently work in a B2C role where you call people at home then why not try a B2B role where you focus on selling to businesses – or vice versa. Alternatively, if you’re currently in a role where you receive inbound sales calls, why not try the challenge of an outbound sales role. Experiencing a variety of different sales roles will help you to become a more experienced sales professional and will also look great on a CV when you do feel you’re ready for a more senior role with more responsibility.

If you’d like to find out more about developing your career in Telesales, please contact your local Brook Street branch today. Our expert consultants will be able to talk through your plans and requirements and ensure we recommend the most suitable roles to you.

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