The most hated business jargon in the UK

The most hated business jargon in the UK

The first time you sit in a business meeting can be exciting – your career is taking off and finally you’ve got a seat around the table and the chance to make a real difference. Except you think you might have missed something, because some of the jargon being thrown around the room makes no sense at all!

From the irritating to the nonsensical, Glassdoor have released the UK’s most hated buzzwords according to the 2,000 UK workers they polled, and we count down the top 12. Which one drives you mad?

12. “Let’s get our ducks in a row”

This is usually used to emphasise that a team need to work together, and all be aligned to the same purpose.

10. “Pick it up and run with it”

Sports metaphors appear more than once in this list, and this one means to pick up someone else’s work and turn it into a success.

9. “Mission statement”

The core reason that the company exists or operates.

8. “If you don’t like it, get off the bus”

This phrase is often used to suggest that if a colleague is complaining or unhappy, then they should leave the company.

7. “Run it up the flagpole”

When you present an idea and see how people react to it. This one is very commonly used – you’ll certainly run more than one idea up a flagpole in your career!

6. “Thought shower”

When you’re asked to collaborate with other members of staff and generate new and innovative ideas without worrying about implementation or practicality.

5. “No-brainer”

This one means that an idea is so good, there’s no possible argument against it. ‘It’s a no-brainer.’

4. “Game changer”

When you create a product, idea or process that is a big departure from the company’s normal business.

3. “We’re on a journey”

This phrase is usually used to soften the fact that a project, team or company haven’t yet reached their goal.

2. “Blue sky thinking”

Used in endless meetings to try and encourage creative thinking that doesn’t take into account practical application. Often you’ll hear this phrase in a ‘thought shower’ – see 6.

And top of the list...

1. “Touch base”

It’s a sports metaphor that tops the list of most hated office jargon, and it means to talk to someone or meet with them regarding a particular project.

Do you agree with the list? What’s your most hated office jargon?

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