Your guide to navigating the office secret Santa

Your guide to navigating the office secret Santa

Your Christmas playlist is locked and loaded, you’ve got a bottle of mulled wine on the go and you’re full of as much yuletide spirit as you can handle. Your calendar is full of drinks and parties and the festive spirit is in full swing – until someone in the office mentions Secret Santa.

It always seems like a great idea until you pull a name out of a hat and are stuck thinking ‘what on earth am I going to buy?’

Never fear, we’ve got your back! With suggestions for all your office colleagues from The Boss and The Quiet One, consider your Secret Santa woes all solved.

What to do if you get The Boss

The biggest tip we can give you here is don’t go over the spend limit. It might be tempting but you don’t want to be seen as ‘that’ person who spent too much to impress the boss. Instead try to think a little creatively about what you can buy, or go with one of our suggestions below.

Remember, whilst your gift might seem hilarious when you order it at 11pm on your way home from the pub, it might not seem that funny when your boss opens it at the Christmas party. Keep the gifts clean and stay away from anything that might be seen as offensive.

Personalised bottle opener, notonthehighstreet, £10

If your boss is a fan of a good bottle of wine, then this is a great gift. Personalised with their name, it ticks the boxes of being both useful and thoughtful!

Alphabet scented candle, £5.99

Who doesn’t love a Christmas scented candle on a cold December night? Do one better and get your Secret Santa a candle with their initials on and you’ll be onto a winner.

Spy pen, £3

Has your Secret Santa got an irritatingly small budget? This spy pen will make anyone feel like James Bond, and still come in under the price limit!

Chocolate Praline snowmen, £4.50

Chocolate snowmen don’t ever need an excuse, but they’re a great way to pack in some festive cheer.

Pusheen desk pad, £4.80

For a boss who’s forever going through notepads or losing that vital piece of paper, a desk pad is a useful gift. And this one has Pusheen on it!

For the one who loves happy hour

If you got the colleague who’s always the first to suggest after work drinks in the pub, then these alcohol themed Secret Santa gifts will be perfect.

Hangover rescue tea, £4.95

This one is particularly useful if your colleague is working over the Christmas period. Hangover rescue tea will get a laugh – and a much needed use.

Alcohol scented toiletries, £4.95

We don’t know about you, but gin & tonic shower gel sounds like the perfect way to wash in boozy bliss. These alcohol scented toiletries come with a choice of scents from whisky to prosecco, to match anyone’s favourite tipple.

Grow me beer monster kit, £4.99

Is your Secret Santa partial to a pint? This handy gift kit will give them everything they need to grow their own hops!

For the one you’ve got no idea about

There’s always one person in your department who is a little quiet, or whom you don’t really know much about. There’s also a very good chance that you’ll pull their name out of the hat and get stuck scratching your head trying to come up with an idea that they’ll love.

If this happens to you then we’ve got your back with these inoffensive yet fun Secret Santa gifts.

Henry desk vacuum, £9.99

Young or old, everyone loves Henry Hoover. And this mini-Henry is desk sized and perfect for cleaning up crumbs!

Chocolate pizza slice, £3.99

Chocolate is always a winning gift for any colleague with a sweet tooth, and this novelty pizza slice will deliver on laughs and taste.

Drumstick pens, £4.99

Got a musical colleague who’s forever tapping away at their desk? Giver their finger percussion some flare with these drumstick pencils.

Origami sticky notes, £2.49

Low price limit and low on ideas? These sticky notes will make a fun addition to anyone’s desk and for a colleague with a low attention span – they come with origami instructions for transforming your notes into masterpieces!

Grow your own coffee plant kit £9.50

This is perfect for the colleague in your team who won’t ever be without a steaming mug of coffee on the go. For them – the grow your own coffee kit!

We hope you’ve found this list helpful – is there anything you think we’ve left out? What’s the best Secret Santa gift you’ve ever been given at work? Let us know @BrookstreetUK