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Leicestershire Police

We are Leicestershire Police.

Covering 2,500 square kilometres, a population of more than a million people, a city and two counties In Leicestershire and Rutland and an array of towns and villages – Our Duty is to protect all of our communities.

We are at the heart of the country and we police very much with our hearts on our sleeves, working with our residents, visitors, partners and businesses.

On a daily basis we aim to protect the vulnerable, deal with those who cause most harm and bring people to justice.

But it is not just about waiting for crimes to be committed.

We are always looking at ways we can continuously improve, not just to prevent crime from happening in the first place but also to provide a service and a workforce that is fit for the future, dynamic and efficient.

A place of tigers, foxes, lions, rockets and Kings, three universities, an airport, the M1, The Golden Mile, engineering, motor racing, rock, cheese, crisps and pork pies - we are a place with a rich history and even richer and diverse culture. The biggest Diwali celebrations outside of India and 70 different languages spoken.

All of this means we face daily challenges to keep our communities safe but every day we have an impact.

We are committed to developing our people and being at the forefront of innovation, utilising the latest technology so we can put the right people, in the right place at the right time.

Above all we are supportive, we’re accepting and we’re friendly – you’ll feel it from day one – being part of something bigger, something that makes a difference. Being part of a team.

We are Team Leicestershire