Writing a CV for the Public Sector

CV advice

Applying for jobs in the Public Sector can be a little daunting. Whilst a CV for the private sector might showcase sales skills, determination or entrepreneurship, we'd recommended that a CV for the Public Sector instead highlights an interest in central government, the civil service and public interest. You will still need all the skills you would need in any other role and sometimes more, but a different focus will make your CV really noticeable.

Here are our top tips for making your Public Sector specific CV stand out:

1) Tailor your information

You should produce a different version of your CV for every job that you apply for. It may sound like a lot of work, but with a few small changes to the skills you highlight, you can make sure that each application that you submit is bespoke to the role. Hiring managers will be looking for applications that best match the job description and this makes it much easier for them!

2) Additional skills

It can be easy to discount that extra language you're good at or a set of IT skills that might not be relevant to a particular role. The thing is, you don't know if that's a skill set that's missing from the team or one your prospective boss particularly values, especially in the wider Public Sector environment. Include them under interests or additional capabilities as an extra string to your bow.

3) Acronyms

If you have experience in the Public Sector that is listed on your CV, it's likely that some of your job titles or the departments you worked for will include acronyms. Whilst a hiring manager will probably know what the acronyms are, there's always a chance that they won't. Instead, include the full title of the department or role and then the acronym in brackets afterwards.

4) Experience

Instead of calling your work history employment, list it as experience instead. This way, any voluntary or extracurricular activities that you've taken part in can form a part of the initial picture that a prospective employer has of you, and create a positive impression immediately!

5) Presentation

Statistics suggest that an employer will take between 30 and 40 seconds to glance over a CV, and in the Public Sector this has a tendency to be even lower. Make sure that your CV is restricted to a maximum of two sides and still contains all the information you need. It can be difficult but finding a way to present all the information you need it to is a skill to show your employer in itself.

If you have any questions about building a CV or applying for work, visit our career advice section or contact your local Brook Street branch today.