Millennials: Which type are you?

Career development

For a millennial in the workplace, it can sometimes seem like you're banded together with a group of people that you don't feel you've got a huge amount in common with. With some articles calling out millennials as lazy, selfish and lacking in commitment, it's easy to let assumptions and stereotypes cloud just how important you are to the UK workforce and economy. With your generation holding over $1 trillion in purchasing power every year, it's becoming clear that millennials are not a generation to be sniffed at. Creative, ambitious and entrepreneurial, as a millennial you are an asset to your organisation and bring a new way of thinking to the table.

With a predicted 6.4 billion devices connected to the internet and online social communities by the end of 2016, it's fair to say that this is a generation of social leaders. With media giants rushing to understand this generation in order to best harness them, research by Carat Consumer Insights has identified four distinct groups of millennials.

But which one are you?

1 Which social media platform do you use most?

A. Facebook

B. Reddit

C. Twitter

D. Instagram

2 Online, are you most likely to:

A. Share content you like

B. Seek entertainment/ gaming content

C. Create your own content

D. Look for quality content over quantity

3 How often do you clear your cache or use private browsers?

A. My what?

B. Daily

C. Monthly

D. Rarely

4 How important are likes and shares on your pages?

A. If I'm not trending then there's no point

B. Sorry, too busy gaming

C. As long as my friends enjoy what I'm posting

D. Likes will come with good quality content

5 How often do you like to switch off from technology?

A. What do you mean, switch off?!

B. How else am I supposed to watch movies?

C. For a few hours a day at least

D. Once a week

Mostly A's... you're part of the TrendNetters

With an average age of 27 and embracing social channels like Instagram and Facebook, TrendNetters are highly educated, impulsive and likely to have debts such as student loans. Whilst they might not be able to afford the things they want, they're likely to be eBay aficionados. Online, they share a lot of content; but don't necessarily create it themselves; their priority online is to be seen as trendsetters by sharing and disseminating the latest content and news. They thrive on feedback from online followers and recognition by peers in the form of follows and likes.

TrendNetters are extroverts, and make up 42% of millennials. They are the closest group to the stereotype that marketing tends to perpetuate of this generation, and they are easy to find and communicate with due to their constant presence online.

Mostly B''re an AlterNative

The average age of this group is 24, they are mostly male and their social channels of choice are Twitter and Reddit. They are introverted and can appear to be incredibly elusive. The most digitally savvy of all the millennials, non conformist and often sceptical, they tend to make friends and build relationships using online platforms. AlterNatives actively seek out technology and entertainment online, and consume the most video content. They are the hardest type of millennial to contact because they're extremely private and constantly clearing their cookies and browser cache, they are also likely to use private browsers which makes it hard to establish what content appeals to them, and what they interact with most.

Mostly C's... you're a LYFPreneur

This group of millennials tend to have the most traditional values, are overwhelmingly ambitious and predominantly female. With an average age of 28, they can be found on social platforms like Twitter and Pinterest. They enjoy a balanced lifestyle, and tend to work hard, play hard. Just as digitally engaged as the other millennial groups, LYFPreneurs want to be able to switch off and prefer face to face communication to online conversations. They enjoy creating and seeking out new experiences rather than spending time in a virtual reality or digital universe. Although salary is important to them, they do not measure personal growth in money but in achievement.

Mostly D''re part of the BetaBlazers

The most forward thinking of the millennial groups, BetaBlazers have an average age of 25 and are all about quality over quantity. Found primarily on Instagram, they believe that knowledge is a key indicator of success and value fewer more quality items than a large amount of possessions; they are more likely to value friendships over technology or belongings. The most ahead of the curve group, they think globally and invest in better content, not more content.