Knowing your worth - key salary trends

Salary & benefits

Have you ever wondered whether you're getting exactly what you should be when it comes to your work benefits and salary? With the average UK worker spending about a year of their life commuting to work and a whopping third of their life just at work, the question around knowing your worth seems to pop up on a regular basis.

There are a few things you can think about when it comes to assessing your worth at work. To start, we've put together a mini guide on how you can find out whether you are on the right salary. If you fall significantly short of the mark and you're not feeling valued at work, it could be time to think about a move!

As well as a review of your salary, it's worth looking at the skills you have and use at work. Your hard skills and work experience will make you a real asset; soft skills are also really important, like communication and working as part of a team. These types of skills are increasingly in demand from employers. Your ability to get along with the people around you and speak confidently to customers could make you the perfect candidate for the right company one where you'll feel valued and welcomed.