Is your salary up to scratch?

Salary & benefits

Ever wondered am I paid enough, or get the feeling your pay doesn't quite match the work that you do? Interested in knowing what your current role is worth? Read on to find out whether your salary matches your role.

Online digging

First things first; a little online searching. Looking for similar roles to yours can be a real eye opener if you think you might not be paid enough. You can gauge a sense of whether you are on the right salary just by looking at roles like yours. Granted you need to check the location, sectors and experience are similar to yours but it's a good starting point. Once you've found some you can compare these to see if you are on the right line salary wise and know if your pay is fair.

Above and beyond

Whilst you're looking online why not have a look at some positions which are above your current role and take a look at the type of roles and responsibilities included within the job spec? If you can relate to their responsibilities (i.e. you do them on a day to day basis, as standard) it might mean that you are going above and beyond the call of duty in your current role and actually doing the job of a much more senior position. If this is the case, then you might deserve a pay rise!

Additional skills

Don't undervalue the additional skills you've picked up. Those extra courses youve undertaken or add-on work programmes you've agreed to all count towards making you an all-round, super efficient employee and they all count towards increasing your salary.

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