How to combat interview nerves

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It's here - you've prepared, you've practiced your interview questions, you've got your smartest suit at the ready and your game face on. You're ready to face the interview.

And then it happens. Panic.

The first thing to remember is not to worry, pre interview nerves are completely normal and happen to everyone. Think of it as your brain telling you how much you want the job! But the reality is that you don't want the first impression of you to be nervous and fumbling. Interviewers are just human, and they respond well to confident, assured candidates. So how can you make sure that you make the best impression?

Here are our top tips for stopping nerves before an interview.

1. Breathe

This might sound like a silly thing to put first, and a bit of an obvious one at that; but making sure that you're calm and taking deep breaths before an interview can really help to settle your nerves and calm yourself down.

2. Visualise success

We panic when our thoughts run away with themselves, and we get lost in a cycle of what ifs and I've forgotten and I'm going to fail. If you find this happening to you, close your eyes and imagine walking out of the interview knowing that you've nailed it. You know that feeling you get when you know you've done really, really well? Hold onto that, and the thought of walking out of your interview proud and confident. You'll find that your mind will slowly let go of the negative thoughts and focus on a successful outcome instead.

3. Exercise

Getting up that little bit earlier and pounding the pavements or going to the gym will make sure that your body is match ready and your endorphins pumping. These chemicals make you happy (they're in chocolate too!) and some exercise will also work off any nervous energy that you've got floating around.

4. Smile

As well as exercise, smiling releases endorphins, and endorphins make you happy. Also you'll look a lot more friendly and approachable if you're smiling, so even if you're nervous inside, outside you'll look like a perfect fit for the team you're interviewing for!

5. Fake it!

As the old adage goes, fake it until you make it. If you don't feel confident and the above tricks haven't helped you to calm your nerves, simply pretend that you are! You'll get through the first minute and then realise that you've got this after all.

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