Getting a step closer to that promotion

Career development

Turning up to work on time and meeting your deadlines are the basic essentials of doing your job, but how will going that extra mile get you a step closer to a promotion?

Career progression shouldn't be determined by how long you've been in the job, but rather how much effort you put into your job and the value it creates. A promotion will not happen overnight but you can make sure you plan ahead and have a clear objective of where you want to be and how you will get there.

Here are 7 tips to consider if you're working towards a promotion:

1. Doing your job

A common mistake employees can make is being so focused on getting a promotion that they forget what is required of their current role. If you fail to meet those expectations, will your employer be able to trust you to manage a higher role?

2. Seek responsibility

Take the initiative to request more responsibility and managerial tasks when your manager is getting too busy. Tell them that you want a challenge and show them how well you can perform.

3. Commitment

Invest in your personal development and show your manager how committed you are by looking for ways to improve your skills, taking an interest in the work they do and wider business projects.

4. Stay ahead

Instead of simply meeting your deadlines, think about what you can do to go the extra mile. Do some research on a project you know your manager is working on and present it to them. Showing them you care about the company's future and go beyond your duties.

5. Team player

Be positive when the rest of the team are de-motivated and encourage everyone to push themselves, as well as yourself. Keep up-to-date with the projects going on within the organisation and offer to help out as this will get you recognised. Be mindful not to let it take you away from your own role.

6. Network

Being connected is a fantastic way to get to know other colleagues within the organisation, so be sure to attend all of those social events. Making contacts and building rapport will mean you will stand out more when the time comes to be considered for a promotion. There could even be an opportunity for you to move sideways in the organisation.

7. Ask

Why not just ask your manager? If you're struggling to work out how, download our templates on how to ask for a promotion here.

If you show commitment and dedication to your role, team and personal development, it will not go unnoticed by your manager. The key to getting promoted is focusing on improvement, not just productivity.

Organisations may put a freeze on pay rises during a difficult economic climate, so if you don't get that promotion, don't beat yourself up about it. Take the skills you have learnt from this process and start looking around for other opportunities.

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