What makes a great leader?

Employer advice

The UK general election is looming and as the nation discusses who is the best candidate to run the UK, a question companies should be addressing is, what makes a great leader?

The answer of course is extremely subjective and one always up for debate however, it's been well recorded that great leadership results in high employee retention, trust and confidence within a company. When an organisation hits a bump in the road, the leader is first in the firing line but if a foundation has been built amongst leaders and their teams unstable patches can be overcome.

The foundations of leadership

Vision & Focus

A successful leader will have the organisation's core value at the heart of everything they do, and it is important not to lose focus from the vision of the organisation. The vision should be at the core of everything a leader does as the decisions they do make are focused on a principle goal, which is consistent for everyone to follow.


Leaders will see passion as a verb rather than a noun. Great leaders have passion for both the people and the organisation, which can drive a unique kind of energy into the work culture. This passion can also rub off on employees; if you show enthusiasm, then your workforce will follow. Don't be shy and let everyone know that you care about the organisation and its future; this will inspire employees to feel the same.


Communication is key in gaining respect from your employees. You need to be open and honest if you are to build trust and confidence amongst your workforce. As with any relationship, if the communication is only one way then it will inevitably fail. Listen to your employees, answer their questions whilst continuing to inform and reassure them of the company's vision and status.

There are an infinite number of styles in which one can lead, however, the foundations of being a leader is the people you are taking on the journey with you. You can only achieve so much without the support and trust of your employees. Establish and ensure your employees have bought into the company vision, showcase your passion for the business and confidence in the people who are driving these changes your team and create a two-way stream of communication to build a relationship.

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