Is it time to invest in your call centre team? Here are signs that you should

Employer advice

Driving productivity and profitability is the aim for all managers, however this can be a real challenge in call centres. Call centre staff experience a lot of pressure as they are required to be continuously energetic, provide exceptional customer service quality and meet their targets. This pressure can cause a negative effect on their performance and morale can reach a low.

Did you know that according to the latest UK contact centre benchmarking report, the attrition rates are currently at 21% with the cost per inbound calls rising to £3.69?

Below are 4 signs which indicate it is time to invest in your team:

Low motivation A poor attitude can cause a knock on effect in the team and the atmosphere can become quite de-motivating. This can impact the quality of the service provided to customers.

Poor productivity This follows on from low motivation. Exhaustion can take over, resulting in a drop in performance and productivity. If targets are not being met it could mean that your employees are tired and the presence of stress reduces energy to do their job properly.

Declined up-selling It will become apparent when employees are de-motivated and less engaged as they will cut corners and miss up-selling opportunities, which they once did with ease.

Increased absenteeism A spike in absenteeism is a red flag and it means employees are too tired and de-motivated to come into work, therefore more likely to take sick days. This may eventually lead to an increase in attrition rates if the issues are not addressed.

All the above factors combined can lead to a negative environment to work in for call centre staff and can cause negative impact on the quality of the service provided, therefore not only does job satisfaction decline but also customer satisfaction. A few ways to address these issues can be something as small as recognition to a more proactive approach such as providing training:

  • Recognition A simple well done and thank you can go a long way, have you considered rewarding good performance with incentives?
  • Feedback Ask employees what they think can be improved to make their work more engaging.
  • Training If their work is not as good as it used to be, provide some refresher training to sharpen up their skills.
  • Team Huddles At the start of every shift this can be a great measure for helping employees feel energised and that extra bit motivated.

These simple measures can help you build a more engaged, productive and profitable team.

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