Graduating? Here's what you need to do next

Career development

Now that the student life is behind you and you are officially a responsible and independent adult, what's your plan?

The great news is that you no longer have to worry about dissertations (for now if you're studying further), what a relief! But now it might be time to face the music and head into the world of work and look for a job. It's time to knuckle down and review your options.

Further study

A postgraduate study or professional qualification can assist you in gaining specialist knowledge in your field of interest. A postgraduate qualification requires time and commitment, so think about your chosen career path and research whether additional qualifications are necessary and beneficial. However be mindful about the balance of the number qualifications you have versus the amount of experience you have. Having more qualifications on your CV rather than experience may not be beneficial for your job search. Although you will have a wealth of knowledge with lots of dedication, you may be assumed as inexperienced which can potentially put other candidates above you.

Internships or temporary work

Perhaps you're not be ready to commit to a permenant job and may well not know what career path you want to go down yet, and that's fine! This could be your summer to figure it out but at the same time making sure you are getting some form of experience; having some experience is better than none. Brook Street has various temporary jobs available for you to start almost immediately.

Graduate job

Some of the great factors about graduate jobs are job security, access to training and opportunities to work abroad. Graduate jobs usually range from two to three years, where you are rotated around different areas of the organisation to get an idea of where you can potentially fit in and put your skills to good use.

Broaden your applications

Broaden your chances and open the doors to more responsibility by applying for smaller companies. Larger companies are sometimes fixated with rules which means you may not be able to have such an impactful role where you can make a difference. In a smaller company, you will be given more responsibility to make decisions, build relationships with management and have more control on your progression.

Contact your local recruiter

Take a more proactive approach in becoming a good candidate and finding your dream job. Sticking your CV onto a job board and leaving it to do its thing may not cut it. Finding a recruiter will help you increase your chances of landing your dream job sooner than you think! Contact your local Brook Street branch to find out more about the opportunities we have to offer.