CV Templates

Career templates

Writing your CV might be something you want to put off but it’s one of the most important factors in helping you get that dream job – so we’ve decided to help you out with a free CV template to download. Your CV should reflect who you are and your passions whilst showing clearly what a great asset to an employer you would be. Both employers and recruiters will receive many CVs for each job role that’s advertised, so it’s important that yours is easy to read and highlights your key skills.

The free Brook Street CV Template has been created by our expert recruiters to help you write a CV which is clear and concise. The templates include example copy for you to adjust and personalise, plus useful advice for the critical areas in your CV; your personal statement, key skills and your employment history. Select and download the free template which best suits you and the jobs you’re applying for.

  1.  – choose this one if you’re starting out in your career and need a letter which highlights your non-work related experience
  2.  – choose this template if you’ve had previous work experience

We hope that you find these templates useful, if you need any more help and advice then don’t hesitate to call your local branch for a more in depth one to one CV writing session.