Handing in your notice

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If you’re looking to resign but not sure on the protocol then look no further. Leaving your job doesn’t have to be stressful or even awkward, if it’s done in the right way. Here are some top tips on how to hand in your notice without becoming public enemy number one.

Before you take the plunge...

Take a step back and think ‘am I ready to leave?’ Have you had a formal offer for another role? The last thing you want is to resign only to find the offer (if you have one) being retracted, or that you’ve changed your mind and you want to stay. Be sure of your decision, and get everything confirmed before you break the news so that you can resign in confidence.

Speak to your manager

To show there are no hard feelings speak to your manager about your decision to leave. Keep it positive, it’s never a good idea to go into detail about the things you’ve disliked about your job.

Get it in writing

Your resignation will need to be handed to your line manager in writing. Write them a formal letter stating your last day.

Tie up loose ends

Tie up your current workload and create a detailed handover to leave your colleagues in a good place. You never know who you might be working with later in your career, so try to make your last few weeks at work positive and leave on a high.