Is a career in the industrial sector right for you?

Sector updates

Whether you currently work in an industrial role or are wondering if it’s the right sector for you, it’s worth knowing all the benefits. If you’re looking for job flexibility, safety, satisfaction and an industry evolving with technology, then you’re in the right place.


If maintaining a work-life balance is a priority for you, an industrial job may just be the place to be. A great thing about working in this sector is that there are roles which offer real flexibility with your shift patterns. If you’re a morning person then you can work as early as you like, and shifts starting at lunchtime will run into the evening. You can strike the perfect balance between having a job you enjoy without compromising other commitments outside of work.

You’re Safe

A huge myth in the industry is that manufacturing jobs are unsafe and risky, with plenty of chemicals, machines and other hazards in the workplace. However, this is something which is far from a concern with the help of technology. Machines and processes have been created to put your safety on the top of the priority list, which ensures you are out of harms way. You can not only work smarter and harder than ever before, but safer too.


One of the biggest advantages of a career in the industrial sector is that you’ve got loads of potential for progression. From team leader to shift manager and beyond, if you’re looking for a job that you can use to develop your skills, this is it. No matter where you start off, by investing in your talents the sky’s the limit for where you can end up!


There is a lot of talk about robots taking over jobs, but how much fact is laced in this fear? The emergence of technology in the industrial sector is set to transform the industry, creating new jobs to accommodate for the skills required to operate new tools. There is a concern that automation and artificial intelligence (AI) will remove the need for human workers but this is not true as machinery will need humans to manage the systems and troubleshoot if issues arise. Technology is one of the most exciting parts about working in the industrial sector as it will spur the growth of new jobs and transform existing roles. With the increase of innovation means the increase of skills for you to develop, building your career prospects.

If all of the above ticks all the boxes for you then contact your local branch today to find out more about the opportunities we can offer you in the industrial sector, one of our vacancies could be your next job sooner than you think!