Recruiting Digital Skills

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Whether your business is light on programmers or needs some data analysis gurus, digital skills are continuing the trend of being high on the demand list. Candidates are being offered increasingly competitive packages to lure them away to competitors and there are less of them than there are roles available.

This means that to up your game and fill all your vacancies in the digital world, youll need to master recruiting these hard-to-fill vacancies.

The digital skills gap in the UK has been growing for some time, with education in schools not fully preparing candidates for the digital demands of the modern world. The lack of diversity in STEM careers doesnt help either, and attracting the right candidates to your business for these roles can be a challenge. So how can you overcome the market to snag these candidates?

Create a package to rival your competitors

If your competitors are all offering flexible hours and a work-from-home package, then mandating that your future hires have to work in the office from 9 to half 5 just wont cut it. Before you create a job description or recycle the last one, do a little competitor research. What benefits and perks are being offered in your market place? Can you offer flexible working or more autonomy than your competitors? Your candidates will do research on the market so make sure that you do too. By creating a bespoke package for these roles, youll not only attract more candidates but a more skilled selection of candidates too.

And its not all about salary. Candidates are increasingly ranking working environment and career progression among the most motivating elements at work. Make sure that you fully explain these benefits as well as the financial motivations.

Clean up your digital footprint

Looking for digital marketers or PPC experts? The first things that these candidates will do is check out your website, reviews and social media presence. If youre looking to attract the best of the best, then make sure that youve done what you can to show off your existing online profile. Not only will a good online presence make your company seem like a great place to work, itll also demonstrate that youre ahead of your competitors in the digital world. This is a great selling point for anyone working in the digital marketing industry, as theyll see a company that already has its basics in order.


Ok, we know it isnt everything; but salary is still important to candidates. Because candidates with these skills are in high demand, your salary needs to fit in with the local market and the levels of remuneration that your competitors are paying. Do a little research and find out what other companies in your area and industry are paying. This will give you a good idea of the general area your salary should land in. 


One of the frustrations that candidates often cite with job interviews and processes is the length of time it takes. For hard-to-fill roles, make sure that your process is as streamlined as much as possible and that you keep in regular contact with candidates. If theyre looking for a new role then chances are you wont be the only company theyre interviewing with, and itll pay dividends to be the first company who can get back to them with an offer.

As the skills shortage continues into 2018, recruiting the right staff to get your team up to speed will need a little more care than it has done previously. To find out more about your local market, speak to your local Brook Street branch today.