Starting a new job

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Waiting to start a new job is daunting, the ‘newbie nerves’ may start to kick in and we don’t blame you. Just remember the hard interview process is over and you can look forward to kick-starting your new role! We put together a short video to remind you how you can fit into your new workplace and become an essential part of the team in no time.

Make your first day at your new job a success:

  • Navigate - Get comfortable with a tour of your workplace/office. Find out where the toilets are as well as the fire exits and locate the kitchen for that cup of tea you’ll be making every morning.
  • Make notes - Don’t worry if you don’t know everything, they won’t expect you to as you will be provided with training on any systems and processes they use. Why not show them that you are ready to hit the ground running by staying prepared? Ask lots of questions and make notes which you can refer back to during your first few weeks.
  • Add value - Know your strengths, weaknesses and goals and make suggestions on how your contribution can add value from day one. Bring in a few ideas to get started!
  • Social - Get to know your team as networking is key. Be sure to attend all of those social activities, head down to the weekly pub session or even arrange a lunch with your team to get to know them better.

Most importantly, don’t forget to be yourself! Making your workplace a fun and productive place to be is down to you so be sure to make it a success from day one.