Focus Magazine Issue 25

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Employment has continued to rise, as has the rate of pay and the number of vacancies. What learnings can we take from this year and future trends to get the most out of our recruitment?

What's in this issue?

You’ll find out what’s been going on recently in the labour market, the big buzzwords that are trending right now, and what you can learn from them. You’ll also gain an insight into what’s coming next, and the potential impact on your organisation.

Our latest Focus magazine also covers:
  • The big buzzwords - What are the main areas impacting your recruitment?
  • The future look of Social Care - with an increase in demand, vacancies in the care workforce have increased 12.3% year-on-year. Are there things organisations can do to future-proof themselves?
  • The future of recruitment - Director, John Kinderman talks about the role of the recruitewr in a changing labour market. 

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