#BreakTheBias Gender Equity At Work

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New research from ManpowerGroup reveals that while 86% of companies are measuring gender parity, most are looking purely at pay equity (often driven by regulation), with far fewer measuring the number of women in traditionally male dominated roles and the number of women in senior leadership positions.

That’s despite the case being clear: organisations with more women in leadership roles perform better. While some think the problem has been solved, the data tells us it hasn’t. To find out what can be done to accelerate progress to parity, we asked 39,000 employers in 40 countries how they are measuring gender parity at work.

Priorities vary from country to country, from addressing women’s underrepresentation on boards with legislation, to launching a gender equality roadmap, to requiring employers to submit extensive pay data.

With most organisations stating 2022 or 2023 as the due date for meeting their diversity targets, the urgency is real. Are they on track to reach their goals? And for those who are, what is the secret sauce? Our latest infographic reveals the current state of play and give 4 tips on how employers can progress gender equity in 2022.

Click here to download the infographic as a pdf.