Creating Talent for the Future - how to move towards a net zero talent ecosystem

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Organisations are under more pressure than ever to find talent with the right skills, whilst increasing workforce performance and productivity. On top of this, employers in the UK have ambitious plans to increase headcount at a record rate. Businesses are proactively recruiting following the pandemic, yet struggle to fill vacancies.

With employers reporting that they can’t find the skills they need, there is an opportunity to think differently, closing the skills gap and building a talent pool for the future, to fulfil the need for in-demand talent today and tomorrow.

In this free webinar, our panel of experts discuss how training and upskilling can provide a solution to the growing challenge of talent shortages and ways organisations can build their talent pipeline to strengthen workforce performance. Joined by Gary Joyce, Transport Controller and NTM for Calor the panel also discussed:

  • Mastering talent sustainability – What can employers do to ensure their workforce has the skills they need to move towards a net zero talent ecosystem?
  • What are the benefits of motivating and upskilling workforces for organisations?
  • What is MyPath and how can it support your organisation’s search for new talent?