Podcast: Building the workforce of the future in finance

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​In today's hyper-competitive hiring market, we examine how UK businesses can recalibrate their employer offer to attract and retain top talent in the finance sector. With hiring intentions cooling slightly, but the demand for talent - mainly digital and sector-specific expertise - remaining high, we explore several trends redefining what it means to work in finance based on the Brook Street Finance Jobs Report.

First, there's an increased demand for roles that didn't even exist a few years ago. Jobs in risk, compliance, data analysis and AI are on the rise. Secondly, the report also highlighted the growing importance of soft skills. While technical expertise is essential, skills like leadership, creativity, emotional intelligence and adaptability are becoming just as critical.

Read more of the report here.

Our special guest Caroline Theaker, Future Skills, Reskilling Lead, Lloyds Banking Group deep-dives into the current state of the skills gap in the finance industry and how this affects operations in the sector, specifically at an institution like Lloyds Banking Group. She also shares strategies and learnings on how to bridge this skills gap in finance.

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