Podcast: Embracing the hybrid era: Navigating work models in the UK's evolving workspace

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​Across the country, industries are rapidly shifting towards hybrid work models. However, orchestrating this transition seamlessly requires a deep understanding of the legal ramifications, effective policy formulation and balanced, compassionate management.

Step into the world of hybrid workspaces with a fortified mindset. The Big Question Podcast presents the thought-provoking session: “Embracing the hybrid era: Navigating work models in the UK’s evolving workspace” with distinguished guest, Mike Cole, Partner in Business Services at Pennington’s Manches Cooper. Gain unique, expert insights and equip yourself to thrive in the evolving workspace landscape. This episode facilitates your journey through the hybrid era with the incisive legal perspectives of Mike Cole. Learn about the potential legal pitfalls, strategic policy implementations, and how to balance the needs of your team against the organisation’s priorities.

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