How can you improve your reputation as an employer?

Employer advice

It takes many elements falling into place to make the recruitment process truly successful. One thing in particular that has the ability to impact on the entire process before it has even begun is employer reputation. The reputation of a company as an employer is essential when it comes to attracting the top talent, so how can businesses ensure they're presenting themselves in the best light?

Tailor benefit schemes to include more than just salary

Benefit packages are becoming more important to attracting candidates to new roles. The employers with the best reputation tend to design schemes that promote good work-life balance. These packages may include a wide range of benefits; from gym memberships to pension plans or even opportunities for a sabbatical.

Provide opportunities for employees to develop

Actively showing you provide opportunities for staff training and development improves the effectiveness of your current workforce, but it is also effective when attracting new talent. Showing you make investing and nurturing their skills a priority shows you're a caring employer.

Actively advertise positive employee experiences

Providing examples of how staff would recommend the company as employers can often sway a candidate's decision as hearing someone else's encouraging experience can provide real confidence in the employer. Social media and your company website are key here, most candidates attending an interview will have Googled their prospective employer first.

Show you appreciate current employees

Showing you recognise and reward efforts of employees highlights your appreciation of the value they add to the company. All candidates want to work in an environment where showing staff they are important to the company is a priority.

Develop corporate culture

In a candidate's eyes, corporate culture determines the reputation of the employer to an extent. Company culture can be improved a number of ways including working on communication, increasing engagement with employees and also providing rewards.