Building the best team

Employer advice

Whether you're looking to boost morale, reward efforts or improve communication skills, most employers feel investing in team-building is worthwhile. Taking staff out of their comfort zone to work together and improve their skills has a range of benefits, such as giving employees a sense of belonging, driving innovation and improving efficiency. However, research has shown some employees find some team-building activities to be embarrassing. So how can employers ensure they are taking the right approach?

When arranging a team-building activity, it's important the employer has clear objectives about what they hope to get from the task. For example an aim might be to generate new ideas about how the department could be run more effectively. During the activity it's crucial to ensure everyone is involved and all members of the team are given a chance to have a voice. After the event, reflect on what employees have learnt and are able to apply in their roles.

When away days are mentioned most of us think of adventurous outdoor activities. But research has shown not all employees tend to enjoy adrenaline activities, such as fire walking or being lead blindfolded. Social events such as team meals or charity events are found to be far more effective when it comes to developing a strong bond between team members and can often be more cost effective and easier to arrange.

On the whole, team-building activities prove themselves to be beneficial. They give employees the chance to have a break from their everyday routines and provide the opportunity to build solid relationships with co-workers. Employers should ensure the team-building activity will give employees the skills to do their jobs better, whilst providing a supportive atmosphere and encouraging communication.