Combating stress at work

Work life

In today's non-stop society, work place pressures are continuously building. We all need some pressure to help us stay motivated but if it gets too much, this can be harmful to our psychological wellbeing. Even though you cant control everything, youre not powerless, so what can you do to help prevent stress at work?

The warning signs

When someone is feeling stressed they may appear irritable and withdrawn, and trying to cope with pressures could also result in a lack of productivity. It is important to be aware of the symptoms; someone who is stressed may feel anxious or overwhelmed at work. They may also suffer with physical symptoms such as fatigue, muscle tension and headaches.

Looking after number one

It's important to take time to look after your physical and emotional health. Make positive lifestyle choices by eating healthy and exercising when you can and make sure you get the right amount of sleep so you feel refreshed for the day ahead.

Get organised

You need to prepare to succeed. Don't just make a to-do list; plan in exactly when you're going to get things done by creating a work schedule including details about your responsibilities and tasks for the day. Prioritise these tasks and then work them into your routine in order. Make sure you plan time to have breaks and get a good balance of tasks.

Talk to others

Take advantage of support from your social network, both at home and at work. Explain how pressures are affecting you and see if anyone can give you advice on how to manage your situation. It is also worth considering speaking to your boss.

Share your uncertainties with your manager and admit that you're struggling. They can help you analyse the situation, get to the root of the problem and may be able to offer you a solution. If you are finding it hard to manage your workload they may be able to delegate some of your work amongst some of your co-workers. Can't approach your boss? Try seeking advice from your HR department, who'll be able to help.