Ten ways you can encourage your staff to be active

Work life, Salary & benefits

With the average British office worker spending around 60% of their waking time sitting down, experts have recently suggested that office staff should spend at least two hours a day on their feet to combat health problems. As an employer, are you doing all you can to promote activity in the workplace? Here are ten ways you can get your staff to move more:

1) Encourage them to take regular breaks

Make sure employees are regularly taking time out away from their desks. Encourage staff to frequently move around for short refreshment breaks.

2) Suggest stand-up meetings

Try to implement meetings where everyone is standing up and if this works well try meetings on the move.

3) Encourage face-to-face interaction with co-workers

Support the idea that employees should visit their fellow workers at their desks rather than dropping them an email.

4) Offer gym memberships as a benefit

Offering a free or discounted rate gym membership is a great way to encourage workers to be fit and healthy.

5) Install showers and changing facilities

Providing shower rooms will give employees the opportunity to exercise and wash before work or during their lunch hour.

6) Provide bike racks

Offering secure cycle racks is an important factor in encouraging workers to cycle into work.

7) Discourage eating at desk

If you see employees eating a sandwich at their desk, suggest they use their lunchtime more wisely. Stress the importance of getting out of the office and going for a stroll to get some fresh air.

8) Offer flexible working hours

Where possible, support flexible working hours to allow employees to take advantage of opportunities to be more active. For example, letting them leave half an hour early so they are able to attend a fitness class.

9) Promote taking the stairs

Lead by example by taking the stairs rather than the lift and encourage your employees to do the same.

10) Team activities

Arrange team gatherings that involve some form of physical activity that most staff would be able to participate in. For example, you could arrange competitive sports days or active away days.