How to maintain a healthy work-life balance

Work life

"Never get so busy making a living that you forget to make a life."

Dolly Parton

Even if you love your job and enjoy working, it is important to make sure it doesn't take over your life. A healthy mind and body means a healthy work-life balance. Today technology makes it easier for everyone to work remotely and access the office without even being in it. Great for when you need to be flexible, not so great if work starts too look more like 24/7 than 9-5. Overworking can impact your health, relationships and overall happiness, and being always-on doesn't help.

Here are a few signs your work-life balance might not be quite so balanced:

  • You regularly take work home
  • Always tell your friends and family you're too busy
  • Constant feeling of exhaustion
  • You work at least 10 hours a day

What do you need to do next?

If you have got yourself into a position where you are drowning in work and can't find a way out, here are some easy tips to get you started to achieving that healthy balance:

  • No Perhaps not a direct and blunt no, but it is okay to let your manager know that your workload is increasing and becoming unmanageable. You work in a team for this very reason and they can take on some work for you.
  • Lunch breaks Always take your lunch break and avoid eating at your desk. If you're working 9 hours straight and continuously looking at a screen, your brain deserves a break and so does your stomach.
  • Homework - Avoid taking work home and staying back late, this is your time to rest and recharge so make the most of it. Whilst working those extra hours may impress your manager, this could also indicate you have a poor ability in managing workload and meeting deadlines.
  • Social Plan ahead. Fill your evenings and weekends with friends and family and enjoy it. A social life is one of the most important factors to keep you sane, especially if you have a demanding job.
  • Active Keep yourself active as this not only keeps you fit and healthy, but it will also boost productivity (meaning less time thinking so hard and being stressed).
  • Schedule Prioritising your workload is the best way to ensure you hit those deadlines. If you know you work better in the mornings, dedicate this time to working on those big tasks and get them out the way.

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