How to win the interview battle

Interview advice

Sometimes when you're preparing for an interview it really can feel like it's you against the world. You know that you've got to beat the other interviewees and impress your potential employer to boot. With so many must read advice articles and tricks for interview success, we decided to compile our best tips for making sure you come out of the fray on top!

Preparation is key

Top of the list for making sure that you achieve success is adequately preparing for you interview. No boxer would walk into a ring without having gone through a rigorous training programme, and your interview is no different. Start off by learning your CV, and preparing some answers to the standard interview questions. You can find our interview questions guide and interview preparation advice here!

Make an impression

Ever heard the saying you don't get a second chance to make a first impression? It might be a cliche, but in this case it's true as well. When you walk into your interview, you're putting yourself up for scrutiny, so make sure that you prepare for success. Dress smartly, you'll always make a great impression in a good suit and appropriate shoes. Try not to add too many accessories or anything particularly eye-catching, you want to make sure that the interviewer remembers you and not what you were wearing!

Eye contact

When you're talking to the interviewer, make sure that you address them directly and make eye contact with them. If you're up against an interview panel the same is true, make sure that when you're talking you make contact with each person individually. It makes you seem confident and assured.


At the end of the interview, it's likely that you'll be asked if you've got any questions you'd like to ask. It's important to have some up your sleeve here, because it shows that you've been thinking about the role and you're invested in it. You might want to ask about the company structure, or what a typical day in your role would look like. Steer clear of asking about pay or benefits, these are details that can be ironed out once you get the offer!

The handshake

When the interview is over, make sure that you leave politely and with a smile. Even if you're walking out, you're still being watched, so don't heave a sigh of relief just yet! If you're offered a handshake make it firm, and quick. Leave with a smile and an air of confidence, and hopefully it won't be long before you get the good news back.

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