How to find the right diverse employer for you

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Your job should be more than just a place you go to for 8 hours and do what you're told. A job should mean being part of a team culture which treats their employees with respect and integrity and where you are encouraged to push yourself to challenge your own abilities. Diversity is increasingly becoming a hot topic which organisations are paying more attention to, but are you?

Have you ever thought about what the most important aspects and benefits of a job are for you? Thinking about what would make you content at the end of your working day is the first step to establishing what kind of organisation you will fit into. Doing your homework before applying will help you find a role which fits in with your skills and career goals.

Here are some aspects of a job which may be important to consider:

Training & Education - Find out whether the employer offers on-going training opportunities as this is a great perk to have. This not only increases your productivity and ability to do your job effectively, it also improves your skill set and personal development. If you show you are committed to investing in your own personal development, then this boosts your chances of getting a promotion.

Flexibility - Maintaining a work-life balance is difficult if you have a demanding job. Whether it is being given the opportunity to work remotely, the working hours or more holiday allowance, these perks can help you decide what will make your job easier and worth-while. However, be sure not to ask about benefit packages and perks in your interview process, that is a red zone. Most organisations will include the range of benefits you'll receive in the job description.

Shared Parental Leave - UK organisations now offer Shared Parental Leave (SPL) to both the mother and her partner which allows them to share their leave and split across them both. This kind of flexibility can be an important aspect of a job for you if you are planning to have children.

Pension/Retirement Plan Pension planning is all about removing the stress from how you will manage and take of yourself after you have retired. Therefore it is well worth looking into the pension plan the employer offers and the advantages of it.

Doing your research on what matters most to you will help you look for the right employer and decide whether the role is suitable for you. You don't want to end up in a job where you simply go in because it's your job, but rather because it is a place you feel comfortable in and know that you are being given opportunities which can help you plan your future and maintain a work-life balance.

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