Is a contact centre role right for you?

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If you're looking for a job and scouring the job boards for opportunities in your area, you're likely to come across quite a few contact centre roles. Whilst several years ago a lot of these businesses would have been housed overseas, the last five years has seen a real trend of returning these roles to the UK. If you've never thought about working in a contact centre before, here are five reasons to give it some thought.

1) It's fun

Working in contact centres tends to be quite a lively and exciting experience. Naturally attracting a younger cohort of workers, you're likely to find an enthusiastic and friendly group in your team, and we all know what a big difference working with fun colleagues can make! If you're generally an upbeat and positive thinker, you'll find yourself right at home in this working environment.

2) The possibilities are endless

You're not going to take over the world on your first day or maybe even in your first year but the possibilities for progression in a contact centre are huge. From team leader to shift manager, if you prove yourself and your abilities then you can find yourself moving up the ladder in this industry, and fast. If you're an ambitious worker and looking for a role where the sky is the limit, then taking on a contact centre role could be a great move.

3) Are you a people person?

If you're a lover of people, then you'll find yourself right at home in a role like this. Surrounded by an animated team, you'll also spend most of your time talking to people. If you like to fix problems and reassure your friends, then this role could deliver the feel good factor for you. You'll find yourself talking to all sorts of customers from all walks of life, so if you're enthusiastic and a champion chatter then a contact centre role is a good shout for you!

4) Bonus!

Any customer service based role is highly likely to have a target attached to it. Whilst not all of them do, there are benefits to your performance being monitored - the bonus. Often calculated on a monthly or quarterly basis, many contact centre roles have a bonus scheme for performance, which will really bump up your salary. It's also a great incentive to do well in your role, so you're not likely to get bored. Hit your bonus consistently and who knows, that promotion could be waiting just around the corner for you.

5) Flexibility

If you're a fan of the lie in or the occasional weeknight out, there's another positive to taking on a contact centre role - some flexibility. A lot of employers will have available shifts from as early as 7am to later shifts going to 10pm. This will let you have the freedom to have an early finish or a late start when you need it. These roles can be tailored to suit your needs, which can really come in handy.

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