How many tea breaks do you take in a day?

Work life

Did you know we Brits consume 235 million cups of tea and coffee a day?

Tea runs for yourself and colleagues have somehow become an office ritual and we cannot deny loving a good cup of tea (or coffee) every morning, and throughout the entire day. However, have you ever thought about the positive and negative effects of consuming all the caffeine those cups of teas and coffees contain?



Have you ever emailed someone in the same building as you or sitting right across from you? It's tiring sitting in front of a screen everyday for 7 hours without communicating face-to-face, so a tea break is just what we need to split up our tasks and give our eyes and mind a rest. It's also a great way of building relationships with colleagues and maybe even cross collaborating on projects which you could both provide insight into.


Whilst a tea break takes you away from your work, it gives you the break you need to refuel. It's extremely difficult to work 7 hours straight without having a few breaks away from the screen. This gives you the opportunity to give your mind a rest and come back to the desk feeling better and more awake, meaning you will be much more productive!



The British Coffee Association breaks down the amount of caffeine in the following drinks:

  • Cup of coffee: 100mg
  • Cup of tea: 50mg
  • Single espresso: 30-60mg
  • Coke: 30mg

Becoming solely reliant on caffeine to gain energy can not only be bad for your health but it will make it difficult for you to function without it. If you're a frequent tea/coffee drinker then it may be beneficial to cut down and train your body to perform without the help of caffeine.

Final thought: As long as you're not an excessive tea or coffee drinker, you'll be fine to enjoy the benefits of coming together with colleagues over a warm brew.