Should you move internally or externally into a new job?

Career advice

Are you thinking about your next career move? There will come a time when we all have a light bulb moment and decide perhaps it's time to move on from our current role onto something better. Sometimes there are development plans put in place for employees to progress within the company, and lucky them! However what do you do if this is not the case? Do you look elsewhere?

The answer varies and there are many factors to consider when deciding where you should go for a new opportunity.

What factors should you consider?

  • Experience One of the important things to consider is deciding whether you have enough experience to move onto a bigger role. Are you ready for more responsibility?
  • Size of opportunity You should consider the size of the company you work in and whether there are plenty of opportunities to move into or whether the progression is limited.
  • Culture Some employees don't leave their jobs due to their passion for the company and may have built solid relationships with their colleagues. If this is your case then it would definitely be worth looking within your company for a new role so you don't need to fear leaving a great team. However, if this unfortunately isn't your case then perhaps your skills would be best suited elsewhere.

There are both pros and cons of moving into a new job internally and externally:

Why you should move internally

You will be able to stay connected with your team and can continue to build the relationships you value. You will also know the company inside out therefore it will make your new job much easier to dive into as well as impressing your new team/manager with your ability to adapt quickly.

Why you should move externally

The benefits of moving externally are that you can get a fresh new start and it will open the doors to gaining new skills in a new company. A new company could be just what you need to elevate your career to the next level and make new connections.

So which will it be? If the answer is externally, then check out our latest vacancies here.

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