Job interview stories that'll give you a fright...

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This weekend the Halloween celebrations will begin, and those infamous scary movies will possess the TV schedule. But for these candidates, the most frightening thing to happen to them was their interview experiences.

Going for a new job can be frightening enough, without all the additional horrors that can come with it! The Guardian collected a list of some truly terrifying tales...

"I was offered a job interview for an IT company and passed the first interview well, then had an informal second interview with my potential line manager, which went even better. They asked me to take lunch with a secretary at a top restaurant which went really well while they discussed my application with the chief executive.

I got back from lunch nervous, but also feeling confident. The chief executive will see you in ten minutes. I got my paperwork in order, combed my hair, flossed. I was on fire. I walked into the chief executives office. Great to see you. I pulled up a chair but released the height mechanism by accident. The chair flew up and hit me in the mouth, knocking out my two front teeth. There was blood everywhere.

The chat with the chief executive actually went well (after a short break for repairs) but when they offered me the job it was on a terrible salary and I think my first impression cost me a lot." 1scamp

"I had an interview at my dream school a few years ago. I arrived early, just as it began to pour with rain, and by the time I'd crossed the car park I was drenched. The deputy head met me and the other candidates just as I was beginning to dry off and took us on a tour around the school. The tour began with me sliding over on the newly resurfaced floor in the main hall landing on my hands and knees in a puddle. Needless to say, I didnt get the job." 

And then there are these...

The one with the confusing homonym, from Nick Foote:

"I pulled an amazingly cringe-worthy move in one of my first interviews. I can't believe how stupid I was. The interviewer got to the question of: Do you have any convictions?

I sit there and ponder for a quite a few seconds, and then I say 'Well, no, not really.'

The interviewer just stares are me with his mouth slightly agape. I thought he means convictions as in firmly held beliefs as opposed to convicted of a crime which is a standard interview question. Not only was he surprised that it was taking me that long to think of the answer to a yes or no question, but then to have me give a wishy-washy answer. We laughed about it, awkwardly, and then I didn't get the job."

The one with the fire drill, from oly0015:

"Fire alarm goes off. Guy runs off for 10 minutes and comes back, says it's a fire drill and to continue while it's wailing. Come to find out at the end of the interview the building is on fire..."

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