How to get a promotion

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Ever thought about what’s going to get you that promotion at work? Is it turning up to work on time or doing your job well? Not quite. These are just the basics of keeping your job. If a promotion is what you’re after you need to think about how much value you add in your job and whether you’re going above and beyond your call of duty. How can you make sure you are going the extra mile and getting recognition for it?

Here are our top 3 tips on how to make your promotion dream become a reality:

1. Ask to meet with your manager – If you have aspirations of climbing the career ladder then make them clear to your line manager. Get your boss on your side by asking for feedback and together create an action plan with clear goals to help guide you towards that promotion.  

2. Develop your skills – Learning new skills for your job is a great way to show you’re motivated in progressing. Take some initiative and volunteer to develop your skills which in turn can add value not just to yourself as an individual, but also to your team and your company. Show them you are willing to develop in your own time. Maybe try weekend or evening courses or simply do some extra homework out of work hours.

3. Earn your reputation – Dress the part, be enthusiastic and act professional. Show your manager that you recognise the importance of working in a team environment and taking the lead role as well as working on your own when required.

Showing you have the passion and motivation to progress as well as delivering key targets within your role will all stand you in good stead when it comes to asking for a promotion.