Interview success: What not to do!

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Congratulations on landing the interview! Preparation is the key to success when it comes to interviews, but don’t get caught out by these little things you shouldn’t do when you’re in the hot seat. So before you head out, have a quick read or watch our video for the top mistakes to avoid:

  1. Dress inappropriately – Keep it classy, formal and sophisticated. Less is more so keep it minimal with plain clothes and smart office wear (avoid bright patterns and colours!). This will ensure you look your most professional. Make sure you feel comfortable enough to sit throughout the interview and use welcoming body language.
  2. Wear too much perfume/aftershave – You want your interviewer to focus on you throughout the interview and remember you for your skills, not your smell. Don’t wear anything too overpowering as you don’t want to end up giving the interviewer a headache. Opt for a light scent and only spray a few times.
  3. Turn up empty-handed – Turning up for the interview with nothing may give the interviewer the impression that you are unorganised and unprepared. Take a few essentials to your interview such as your CV, pen, notepad, referee details, directions of where to go, who you’re meeting and contact information.
  4. Don’t provide examples – It’s great to be prepared, but providing extensive examples and bringing a portfolio may not be necessary; only bring examples if it is relevant. If you do need to, bring examples of successful projects you have been a part of where you have achieved results.
  5. Ask irrelevant questions – Don’t miss the opportunity to ask questions, this is the best time to show the interviewer you have genuine interest in the company and role. However, try not to ask questions which can be answered by looking at the company website as this will show the interviewer you haven’t done your research. Make a list of questions to bring into the interview with you.