Pay rise or training request

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When you start your role, training and pay reviews are traditionally included in your contract. The best time to bring this up will be in your end of year review, when your boss should bring these issues up with you or they should be on the agenda for discussion.

It’s always good to be one step ahead though, so when you get your notification of a review coming up we’d recommend highlighting what it is that you’d like beforehand. This will give your boss time to consider it before you meet, avoiding any surprise situations. It will also give them a chance to weigh up the costs of what you’re requesting, and work out a solution for you both.

If you’re worrying about how to ask for a pay rise or how to ask for training then we’ve got some handy templates for you to download below.

Request for a pay rise ahead of anual review

Request for a pay rise (no review scheduled)

Request for training ahead of annual review

Request for training (no review scheduled)