Preparing for interview success

Interview advice, videos

Now that you’re through to the interview, here are our best tips to make sure you’re well prepared for the big day.

  1. Research the company - Explore their website including their ‘about us’ section, and look at their values, services and who their customers are.
  2. Talk to your local Brook Street consultant - They’ll help you prepare for the interview with valuable insights into the interviewer, the company and what they are looking out for.
  3. Know your CV like the back of your hand - "Talk me through your CV” is a common interview question and you don’t want to be caught off-guard. Know key dates from your CV, like when you started your most recent job and have examples ready of your achievements at work.
  4. Plan your journey - Whether you’re taking the train, bus, driving or any other form of transport, always plan your journey in advance and leave with plenty of time to spare to get to the interview.
  5. Be confident! - It’s natural to be nervous, just remember you’re there to show how you have the skills needed for the job and how you can be a great asset to the team.