Not in the job you love? 5 ways to get that feel good factor anyway.

Career advice

It’s near enough impossible to be happy with your job all the time. There will be days, weeks and sometimes months where you’re not enjoying the role you’re doing. If this sounds like you, you’re not alone. And though you might not have plans to move out of your role any time soon, there are ways of getting that feel good factor at work and turning it into something you enjoy.

Find your passion
Finding the parts of your job you do like and taking pride in those, not only will help you feel more positive about your role, but will show your colleagues and you manager where your strengths and skills lie. It could be organising your team meetings, becoming the resident spell-checker for the team, providing the best service to customers. Find one thing you do enjoy and pursue excellence!

Make the most of your free time
So the job you’re in isn’t where you can see yourself staying for the long-haul so put your passion and love into hobbies and activities you can enjoy outside of work. Don’t allow the role and its stresses to play on your mind over the weekend and when you’re on annual leave. You’ll only end up more resentful of your job and will have wasted the time you have away from it when you should be forgetting work, relaxing and spending it exactly how you want. A hobby will help to take your mind off work as you’ll be investing your time and energy into a passion of yours which distracts from the job you’re not fond of.

Personalise your workspace
You know the saying ‘tidy home, tidy mind’; now your workplace isn’t a home but having an organised and clear workspace can help you to have a clear head when doing your work, without the distraction of unnecessary clutter. Why not liven up your desk space at work? Decorating your space with photos of friends, family, or adding your own stationary will add a touch of personalisation and create a warmer environment during your working hours.

Be kind to yourself
Don’t be hard on yourself when things don’t go your way at work. Look to always do the best you can, but don’t beat yourself up if you make mistakes or if you get something wrong. Learn from these mistakes so the next time you can do your job with your newly found experiences. Other ways of feeling good might be to swap the stodgy snacks out for healthier items like fruit, and to surround yourself with positive people. When you’re around happy people it tends to rub off and make you feel happier too, creating a positive working environment.

Have fun
Have fun but within a professional capacity. Having face to face communication with your colleagues and talking about things other than work will make you feel better, especially if you build up friendships so you’re able to have the inside jokes and even team games to celebrate the end of the working week. Bear in mind that this has to occur alongside being productive and not allowing work to fall by the wayside. But as long as your work is being achieved to a continuous high level of quality and you’re not hindering your fellow colleague’s responsibilities then have a little fun.

You’re not always going to love your job and that’s okay. But if you’re still helplessly clockwatching, waiting for the day to finish then a new start in a different position might be what you need. Take a look at our latest roles, you might just find the one you end up in love with.