Getting the perfect work/life balance - what our candidates said

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Studies have shown that a good work/life balance contributes to stronger mental health, higher productivity good staff retention.  However, what defines a 'perfect' work/ life balance is different for each individual.  One size does not fit all. We surveyed our candidates hoping to find out what they really thought about work/life balance and how it affects their lives.

Interestingly, 77% of candidates questioned felt that they had a good work life balance and an equal 77% felt that they had the time they needed to spend with their family and friends. These results are a reflection of how vital it is for the well-being of each individual to successfully combine work, family commitments and personal life. 

The survey also highlighted the challenges that some employees still have in achieving a successful work life balance; 16% of those candidates questioned said that they have had, at some point, difficulty in balancing work with caring for dependents.

Achieving the 'perfect' work/life balance seems to be, for the majority, due to flexibility within the workplace. As a result, we are starting to see more companies looking into flexible working patterns. It is clear that this is instrumental to keeping a workforce happy and productive. Increasingly, Brook Street are trying to promote this with the companies that we work with.

Unfortunately, 70% of candidates stated that they have worried about work whilst being away. Clearly, this is an area that needs to be improved on in the workplace. Finding the right solutions to help and reduce mental stress is beneficial to not only the employees themselves but the workforce as a whole. There are cost-effective solutions available.   

Introducing a culture where honest conversations are encouraged is a step in the right direction. Having regular reviews and catch ups can help to dispel work related anxieties. Positively, over 61% of our candidates felt that they were able to speak to their manager if they were struggling with work or personal issues which has helped to prevent workplace stress from spilling over into personal time. 

Can you change your working situation?

Not every employer can accommodate requests and every sector is different, but it is always worth asking the questions:

  • Can you speak to your manager to arrange a mutually beneficial solution?
  • Can small adjustments be made to improve your work/life balance?
  • Is your company open to suggestions from employees?

With a bit of planning and communication you should be able to achieve that work life balance that you are looking for.

This blog was brought to you by Catherine Stroud, from our York branch.