Podcast: The invisible threat: Preventing and addressing employee burnout

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​Burnout is not merely extended fatigue; it's a complex condition marked by physical, emotional and mental exhaustion due to prolonged stress at work. Undeniably, its implications are far-reaching, from diminished job performance and impaired team dynamics to detrimental effects on an individual’s physical and mental health, leading to a marked decrease in quality of life.

The push to maintain high productivity levels, coupled with fast-paced work environments, can often instigate a tipping point for employees, leading to the unfortunate fallout of burnout. For better or worse, burnout is intimately linked to the realms of job satisfaction, employee retention and overall company performance. In this episode of The Big Question podcast, we'll probe into the topic of “The invisible threat: Preventing and addressing employee burnout” with our guest Leanne Winter, HR Manager at ManpowerGroup. We aim to shed light on the dangers of unmanaged stress and the fallout from burnout at work, and deliberate on how it can be efficiently identified, prevented and addressed.

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