Podcast: Diversity in recruitment: Building an inclusive workforce

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​In today’s multinational, multicultural world, diversity is not an option but a necessity and inclusion is not a buzzword but a defining factor for successful initiatives. They are the cornerstones for any organisation seeking to be a transformative force in their industry, fostering innovation, creativity and a vibrant workplace culture that makes every employee feel truly at home.

Listen to our latest podcast episode and explore:

  • The critical role of DEIB in shaping a strong, dynamic and future-ready workforce

  • The challenges and breakthroughs in weaving DEIB into recruitment strategies

  • Discover how DEIB fills and enhances every facet of businesses.

We are thrilled to have Tiarni Goodall-Perry, Operations Manager at Brook Street, lend her expertise on this episode. As an advocate for DEIB herself, Tiarni sheds light on the strategies and technologies that contribute to building a workforce that is not only diverse and inclusive but also well-equipped for the challenges of the global shift.

Listen now: