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Our Solutions 

We understand that there are a number of reasons why you might be looking to scale up your recruitment. It could be to meet seasonal peaks, deliver on a key project or to sustain growth within your business. For whatever reason you are looking to hire, we know that when it comes to recruiting staff in volume you cannot adopt a ‘one size fits all’ approach and expect unbelievable results. That is why we offer bespoke products, services and solutions that can guarantee the results you need when hiring, for both permanent and temporary staff.

To read more about the solutions we offer, select one of the links below:

Sole Supplier

A sole supplier agreement allows one agency to work on behalf of your business to fulfil specific recruitment needs.

Brook Street is frequently appointed as sole supplier for business in a variety of industries, giving our clients a competitive edge - especially for roles where good candidates are few and far between, or where people with relevant skills are likely to be subject to their current employers’ retention strategies. Appointing Brook Street as a sole supplier means that we take on a particular appointment for a defined period of time, without calling on third parties.

Benefits to your business

  1. Targeted efforts: If we’re the only agency handling a specific vacancy or assignment, our consultants will ensure that it is given top priority, with relevant candidates put forward to you before being considered for any other organisations
  2. Lower costs: We’ll reward your trust with special rates that mean you not only get the right people faster, but also achieve this with a favourable financial outlay
  3. Total transparency: For positions where skills and experience may be hard to find, we’ll outline a plan that gives you peace of mind that we’re giving your role priority in terms of identifying and reaching out to relevant candidates, even those not already registered with Brook Street
  4. Enhances quality: By simplifying your recruitment processes and handling all your recruitment needs, your recruitment capability and quality will be significantly improved
  5. Reduces time to hire: By choosing one supplier for all your recruitment needs, the time it takes to bring on new starters can be drastically reduced

Preferred Supplier

A preferred supplier list (PSL) allows your business to selectively choose certain recruitment providers to work with - signed onto an agreed service level agreement.

You may not anticipate recruiting in great volumes. But that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the benefits of a more formal arrangement with those you depend on to find you the people you need, when you need them. By including Brook Street on your PSL, we’ll give your roles top priority.

Benefits to your business

  1. Priority attention: As soon as we’re alerted to your new role, whether permanent or temporary, the Brook Street team will ensure we immediately reach out to the most sought-after candidates in relevant talent pools, including those who may not actively be seeking a new role
  2. Deep understanding: We’ll ensure all consultants involved on your account are made aware of those extra insights that support closer selection matching and a better cultural fit – so that candidates represent much more than just an ‘on-paper’ match
  3. Measurable performance: Even if you don’t recruit week in, week out, adding Brook Street to your preferred supplier list means you can assess our performance against uniform benchmarks; we’ll be delighted to have the opportunity to prove we can exceed your expectations and set high standards that you’ll want everyone on your list to attain

Managed Service

A managed service solution allows your business to outsource your recruitment activities to an external provider. The provider acts as a company’s internal recruitment function, managing the entire recruitment process.

When you appoint Brook Street to act as your managed service provider, you’ll enjoy the benefits of devolving responsibility for recruitment and HR-related functions, along with supplier screening, employer branding and talent attraction consulting and services.

Here’s how you win…

  1. Reduces costs: Operating within specific service level parameters, standardised rates and measured against performance criteria, you’ll enjoy significant economies of scale with absolute certainty about costs associated with your recruitment.
  2. Boosts efficiency: Dedicated on-site account teams act as the point of contact for line managers. This helps speed up the time to hire new starters into your business.
  3. Added resource: Outsourced recruitment frees up your HR team for core planning and management responsibilities – but without compromising on the integrity or quality of your recruitment processes.
  4. Gives the business confidence: With a remit to build relationships throughout your hiring community, a highly visible specialist Managed Service team reinforces your organisation’s commitment to excellence in hiring and retention.
  5. Reduces risk: By consolidating your supplier base, you benefit from a more consistent application of your recruiting criteria and safeguards, with Brook Street responsible for reporting, auditing and enforcing compliance.
  6. Enhances quality: By simplifying your recruitment processes, measuring results and handling all your recruitment needs from one central point, your recruitment capability and quality will be significantly improved.

Recruiting in Volume

It’s time to take control of your recruitment. By working in true partnership with businesses like yours we’ve been able to develop achieveIT, a unique online recruitment dashboard which puts control of your workforce back in your hands.

Booking: You can request a placement directly through the system at any time, day or night

Applicants: View all your candidates together with their CVs from one place and accept, reject or request an interview

Interviews: Select and book your interviews directly from achieveIT

Timesheets: Experience timesheets delivered directly to your dashboard for approval

Managing Contracts: Renew or finish a contract, and let your branch team manage all the paperwork.

Invoicing: Receive electronic invoices as soon as they are raised

Reporting: Use your real-time up-to-date information and bespoke reports to make accurate and informed business decisions.

Using innovative and intuitive software design, achieveIT is easy to use and demonstrates industry leading insight to free up your time and maximise the potential of your workforce.

By partnering with Brook Street you will not only receive full access to this system but also the years of experience and industry leading insight that led us to develop it.

Book your demonstration today to start innovating immediately.

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