Mentally preparing yourself for the job interview

Interview advice

A face-to-face interview can be an anxiety-inducing prospect for even the bravest of candidates. Once you have done your research on the company and picked out your best suit, it's time to mentally prepare yourself for the interview. Here are three top tips to help you improve your mental strategy when it comes to that all-important job interview...

1. Relax

Of course you want to secure the job but try not to view it as a life-or-death situation. If you tell yourself you need to get the job, you will only put yourself under more stress. Even if the interview doesn't go to plan, the experience will still be valuable to helping you develop your interview strategy for the future.

2. Acknowledge how you are feeling

The outcome of the interview is ultimately very important to you, so it's only natural to have butterflies. It is important to keep in mind that the more you try to dismiss your anxiety, the more stressed you're likely to feel. The key to nailing the interview is to accept how you're feeling. Try to view the extra adrenaline as beneficial to your performance.

3. Refrain from making unhelpful assumptions

Try not to overanalyse or fixate on the interviewer's body language and responses. If you imagine they are forming a negative opinion, you're likely to feel more apprehensive. Even if the interview isn't going the way you had hoped, carry on regardless you never know what might happen!